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Therapy Centre

At Orange St Practice, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best in what we do. Below is just a few of the Treatments that we are able to provide and their benefits!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage

A very specialised light touch massage that opens up the Lymphatic System to speed up the detox method of clearing toxins throughout the body. Helps to reduce water retention and promote better circulation.

Sports Massage

Concentrates on specific areas of the body massaging through the layers to separate the muscle tendons and clear tightness and build up of congestion.

5 Elements Massage

Uses the 12 meridians applying light pressure to clear any blocks to promote a better flow of energy throughout the body.

5 Elements Acupuncture

There are over 200 styles of Acupuncture, 5 Element is a complex mix of several styles that engage with the individual, treating the person as opposed to the ailment.

Each Element has corresponding organs associated with it and hence we see patterns of similar disorders with same Element Types.

FIRE - Heart/Small Intestine or blood pressure issues.

EARTH - nervous Stomach/Spleen or eating issues.

METAL - Lung/ Large intestine or breathing issues.

WATER - Bladder/ Kidney weakness.

WOOD - Gall Bladder/Liver sensitivity.

Treating on the Element uses specific points to that Element creating change much quicker and long lasting.

Natural healing

A healthy body is one that maintains the great harmony, attained by a balance of yin and yang. Such bodily equilibrium indicates the presence of an abstract vital pneuma called chi, which is contained in tracts or meridians deeply imbedded within muscles. There are 365 acu-points on these tracks (one for each day), which emerge to the surface of the body and present themselves for needling or Acupressure for therapeutic purposes. The ancient Chinese believed that an excellent physician would control disease before any illness is manifested by a careful monitoring of the chi in the meridians embedded in the body


The Benefits

There are several inter-related effects that result from our simple forms of healing.

It creates a feeling of deep relaxation and  stimulates both nerves and muscles encouraging repair.

The energy created then removes blockages allowing a free flow of energy throughout the body, this removes toxins  allowing the body to use its natural healing abilities.

Helps to re-balance the body adding strength and power.

Minor ailments may only require 1-2 treatments.

Back conditions usually require 3-4 treatments.

Permanent conditions benefit from an initial 3-4 treatments close together - then regular treatments.

Many conditions find improvement including:



Back Ache




Muscle Pain

Neck Injuries



There are many factors that can delay recovery - diet is a major factor which needs to be amended and followed in order for the development of recovery to be fully effective. 

Check back soon to view our extensive range of products from The Organic Pharmacy!

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